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Gary G. Field is a leading authority on color reproduction and print quality. His contributions to the printing industry in these fields have been widely recognized through such awards as the GATF Robert F. Reed Technology Medal, the Institute of Printing’s Gold Medal, and the TAGA Honors Award. Professor Field, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, entered the printing industry as an apprentice camera operator in 1960. He worked as a color separator and printing technologist at a number of companies in Australia and England prior to being appointed supervisor of GATF’s Color and Photography Research Division. Sub­sequently, Professor Field has taught and conducted research in color quality related topics at Carnegie Mellon University and the California Polytechnic State University, where he is now Emeritus Professor. Gary Field’s research has included work on split-filter color correction strategy, color printing standards, color systems engineering, ink trap evaluation, press color sequence optimization, and color characterization test image development. He also has made many innovative contributions to color education in the graphic arts. Professor Field earned several qualifications in Melbourne prior to undertaking advanced studies in printing science and technology in England. He holds both the Fellowship and Insignia Award in Technology from the City and Guilds of London Institute, an MBA degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist certification from the Royal Photographic Society. Author of the books Color Printing Excellence, Color and Its Reproduction, Color Essentials Volumes 1, 2, and 3, The Field Guide to Color Reproduction, Color Scanning and Imaging Systems, Tone and Color Correction, and Printing Production Management, Professor Field also has written over 80 technical articles and research papers. He coauthored, with George W. Jorgensen, Test Images for Printing, and authored the introduction and new material supplement for the updated reprint edition of John A.C. Yule’s Principles of Color Reproduction. Gary Field, a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in both the Science and Education categories, holds several other professional memberships including those in the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. He has made numerous conference presentations to these groups, and served on ANSI, CGATS and CIE standards committees, in addition to TAGA, GATF, PIA and ISCC committees, advisory boards, or task forces.

Kevin Clegg joined Clegg Industries, Inc. in 1997 and helped launch Americhip, Inc. in 2001. As President, Kevin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Americhip and works closely with all Departmental Directors on sales, operations and marketing functions. An integral part of new product development, Kevin works closely with the sales team to support and close orders. As part of his focus on international sales, he runs Americhip’s European offices. Prior to joining Americhip, Kevin was a federal prosecutor for the Securities and Exchange Commission and a litigator for the Chicago law firm of Phelan, Pope and John. Kevin earned B.A. in American Studies (Cum Laude) from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. with High Honors, Order of the Coif, from Case Western Reserve, School of Law.


Dov Isaacs is a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems Incorporated currently serving in the Acrobat engineering organization. A 25-year veteran of Adobe, he has responsibility for workflow and product interoperability issues associated with publishing workflow products. He is also the “spiritual venture capitalist” behind the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology.

Dov also serves as Adobe's representative to the Ghent Workgroup and several ISO TC130 committees associated with print industry standards including PDF/X and PDF/VT for which he serves as the chairperson and co-chairperson respectively. He serves on the Cal Poly GrC Advisory Board and taught at Cal Poly in 2013 as a “Research Professor From Industry,” working with Cal Poly GrC seniors to develop sample Variable Data Publishing (VDP) case studies and application test suites for the ISO PDF/VT VDP standard.

Additionally, he monitors numerous InDesign, PDF, prepress, and printing e-mail lists and user forums, not only contributing advice and solutions, especially in the area of publishing, printing, and PDF workflow, but also using issues raised and problems identified as feedback for Adobe product development. Previously, Dov founded Adobe’s corporate product interoperability group and also served in other engineering and marketing management positions within Adobe including serving seven years as Director of Quality Assurance for Adobe's PostScript printing and driver products. Prior to Adobe, he served in engineering management positions in the areas of laser printer, office automation systems, and computer operating system development.

Dov Isaacs received his PhD in Computer Science from The Ohio State University as well as an MBA in management systems from Cornell University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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